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Welcome to June!


I would like to acknowledge the Dharug people, the Traditional custodians of the lands on which I live and work today. I pay my respects to elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hope of Aboriginal Australians.

Pack your warm clothes its starting to get cold. 


What's on in June!

Science Class

Mad about science Workshop

 Tuesday 4th June

Children aged 3-5 are invited to particiapte in the Mad about Science Workshop. 
Based on a developmental approach suited to pre-school children, six workstations are set-up to engage children in a variety of open-ended science activities.
Each table is set up with a different science theme, including magnetism, electricity, chemistry, forces, light and colour, and mini beasts. Children use the materials and activities at their own pace, supported by the presenter and staff


Water Safety Week

Monday 17th-21st June

Children during this week will be learning and participating in activities that relate to water safety in all aspects. Swimming in the pool or beach, water safety at home and more. 


Planting a Tree

World Environment day

Wednesday 5th June

On this day, Happy Days will be planting seedlings of their own to take home and look after. We will also be planting new plants in our bush tucker garden and vegetable garden. 

Image by Tim Mossholder


Monday 10th

Happy Days is closed. 

Levitated Donuts

Doughnut Day

Friday 7th June

On this day the children will be provided will Yummy Doughnuts for afternoon tea as well as some doughnut inspired activities throughout the day. 

Portrait with Megaphone

Important Reminders

Fob (DOOR) Key 

Please speak with Miss Ashleigh or the other Educators if you have not received a key. There us a charge of $25 per key, refunded at the end of your child's enrolment, once returned. 

App Change over


We have made the change and so far we have recived some great feedback. We know change can be difficult, however, this is a good change for the centre, families and children. 

Please be patient with us as we also learn how to navigate the app also. 


Clothing & Sunscreen

Please ensure your child has a bag which contains SPARE CLOTHES which includes shorts ,pants, shirts, jumpers, socks and underwear. We understand that your child may not have accidents however spare clothes are required for those times your child may have an accident or gets wet or dirty.


As the weather is beginning to change, please bring WARM CLOTHES in your child's bag for weather changes such as a long/short sleeve shirt, a pair of shorts and pants/tights, spare socks and a jumper. 

SUNSCREEN MUST BE APPLIED BEFORE OR UPON ARRIVAL AT THE CENTRE. You will find our sunscreen on the sunscreen table in the classroom just outside the foyer.


Sleep Sheets

SLEEP SHEETS ARE REQUIRED for all children 2-4yrs who are not in the Mighty Mangoes room.


These must be CLEARLY LABELLED with your child’s name and placed in a labeled pillow case. Your child may not have a sleep however it is our duty of care to allow your child to have a rest for 10min listening to soothing music while the room is cleaned after lunch. Your child will then be invited to participate in quiet activities with the educators.


Policy Review

Every month we review a set of policies to ensure that they are relevant and up to date according to regulations.


You are invited to provide feedback on our policy of the month below (send your feedback to

Nutrition and Food Safety Policy

Behaviour Guidance Policy


Please look at your emails regularly. This is one of our main sources of communication with families. Ensure that you are emptying your inbox to allow new emails to come through. Your child could be missing out on many experiences or communications between staff and yourself by not checking them. Most emails are also copied into OWNA please ensure you have logged into OWNA to see your child's learning and day. 

We have noticed that our emails have been going to Peoples Junk mail. please regularly check your Junk folder. 

Car Park Etiquette

Onsite parking is something for all of us to share. Please follow these simple car park rules for everyone's safety: 


  • PARK AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THE COLOURBOND FENCE to allow another vehicle to park behind you. We can safely fit 4 vehicles at any time during drop off and pick up times if everyone is parked appropriately. 


  • DO NOT PARK IN THE DRIVEWAY IN FRONT OF THE CENTRE, this is the thoroughfare to allow vehicles to enter and exit safely at Happy Days. 


  • MAKE YOUR DROP-OFF/PICK UP AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE if you have parked someone in. If you’re planning on talking with an educator, we advise you to park on the curb side instead.


Collection of Children by Others

You must call the Centre or inform educators if somebody else is collecting your children from Happy Days. 

Children under the age of 18 are no permitted to drop off or pick up your child. An adult must always be present.


A valid ID from the person picking up your child is required to be presented to one of our educators for photocopying.


Please ensure that you have attached your bank details to your OWNA app to allow for direct debt of your fees. Failure to make payments will result in a late fee of $20 per transaction.




Open and closing Hours

Please be reminded that Happy Days opens at 7am. Educators will not allow any child to enter the centre before 7am.


We close at 6pm. Parents must collect their child before 5:55pm as this time will allow staff to close the centre and go home to their own families on time. A late fee of $15 per 15 minute Block (eg if you are 5 minutes late you will be charged the $15) will be applied to your account for any late pick-ups. To ensure this doesn't occur please have an emergency contact on standby to pick up your child. 

What we got up to last month...



The children had a special visitor, Healthy Harold the Giraffe came to teach them about healthy eating and hygiene. They were extremely excited to meet Harold and actively engaged in a story book called ‘Harold’s Healthy day’. Throughout the story Harold was able to help the children understand the difference between always and sometimes foods, it also taught them how to make a healthy lunchbox. 

The children were then seated in a circle and were encouraged to choose a variety of foods, individually naming what they picked and identifying whether it is a healthy or sometimes food. They also acquired knowledge of  teeth brushing and hand washing and learned the importance of oral hygiene.

Flower Bouquet


To celebrate Mothers Day, the children had hosted a large Afternoon Tra party! Inviting all the mums , grandmothers and special women in their lives to our centre, we got together and laid out a range of activities and yummy food to share with our mums.

Leading up to the day, the children had looked at a range of crafts and gifts to make for mum and had made a range of hand flower crafts, posters for mum and sweet messages to take home.

Our Afternoon Tea party went smoothly, mums had the chance to explore our centre and chat to the teachers, as well as enjoy a range of food we had shared, we took their photos in our photo booths and experience their children’s creativity in a range of activities.

Dinosaur Fight

Dinosaur Day

This month we celebrated Dinosaur Day. There was a range of activities set out in the theme of dinosaurs such as dinosaur matching blocks, dinosaur books, play-dough and dinosaurs to make dinosaur footprints. We even had a big, cardboard dinosaur that the children enjoyed feeding all of the toy food to. At group time, a dinosaur story was read with lots of verbal interaction from the children. During the day there was even a dinosaur scavenger hunt where they had lots of fun searching for little colourful dinosaurs. Everyone really enjoyed the day being centred around dinosaurs and had a really great day in general.


Worlds Biggest Morning Tea

This years worlds biggest morning tea was a little different, we know how difficult it can be to have time off work to participate in these fundraisers. So, this year we thought we would make the HDK Cafe, where with you donation you received a hot beverage and a morning tea snack of choice. 


We were so shocked and appreciative of the amount of donations we received. On the day we received $91.75 for the Cancer Council. HOW AWESOME!! All up including online donations we received $149.00 of our $300 goal.

We hope you enjoyed your morning tea and we hope to create something like this again next year.