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Welcome to June! 

Dear Happy Days Families,


It has blown us away to think that we are already halfway through the year…where does the time go?!


This month we have our Mid-Year Parent Teacher Interviews, it is highly recommended if your child is a graduate this year to catch up with their focus teacher and see how they are progressing in preparation for BIG SCHOOL! We also kindly invite all parents that would like to see how their child is settling into their environment and tasks to book in a chat with their focus teacher.


With the cold weather settling in, staff are noticing sicknesses are on the rise. We kindly ask to prevent the spread of illnesses that you keep your child home if they are unwell this includes (chesty coughs and runny noses). Any sort of congestion that is yellow or green is highly contagious!


We also ask if you can pack in your child’s bag a puffer vest or jacket, beanie and gloves for when that winter ice breeze hits, we can ensure we are rugged up and warm!


Happy Days Kindergarten will also be closed on Monday 12th June due to the King's Birthday which is a public holiday - enjoy the long weekend!

What's On?

Image by DDP

Happy Days Emergency Drills

We will be holding the following emergency drills at the kindy:

  • 1st June – Bomb Threat

  • 23rd June – Bush Fire

We have prepared the children for these drills, however, please continue the discussions at home so they can be better prepared.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Pyjama Day

Tuesday 13th of June

Come to school dressed cozy and warm in your pyjamas, what a perfect little treat after a wonderful long weekend. I’m sure if you were to ask the staff they would opt for pyjama day every day during winter haha. Dressing gowns, oodies and ugg boots attire is welcome and bring along a teddy bear to cuddle. It’ll be the perfect day to rug up with a hot chocolate, some fresh popcorn and a movie.


Children are also welcome to bring in a children’s movie on DVD for the class to watch just please make sure it is age appropriate and labelled with your child’s name.


Glowtastic Disco Night Fundraiser
Friday 16th June from 6pm - 8pm  

Get your groove on, Happy Days Kindergarten is hosting a Glowtastic Disco Party fundraiser!

The Glowtastic Disco Party will be held at Happy Days on Friday 16th June from 6pm-8pm.


Don’t forget! To attend the Glowtastic Disco Party, students must return their signed permission slip to any educator by Thursday 15th June (permission slips are available). Students without a permission slip will not be permitted to enter.


Not only are we hosting an awesome disco event, students can win up to 15 awesome automated incentive prizes by fundraising via online sponsorship donations.

Students have received a sponsorship book with instructions on setting up their cybersafe, online fundraising profile at This is an entirely online fundraiser; all cash donations must be converted to online donations to redeem your prizes.

Extra Incentives to Fundraise!

  • Online Golden Coins – complete fun online tasks to redeem an extra $75 towards your prize credit.

  • Monty the Monstar’s Bonus Prizes – achieve milestones to unlock Monty’s bonus prizes.

  • $10,000 JB HI FI Spending Spree for one organisation’s highest fundraising student – it could be you!

  • Our school will win an extra $5,000 if we have the highest average fundraised amount per student in 2023.

  • A Play Station 5 Gaming Bundle – see your child’s sponsorship booklet for more!

For more information, please contact Miss Stefanie or email


Happy fundraising!

Vegetable Picking

Community Engagement

Educators invited Mariela Silvera from Holistic Healthy Living to our centre to discuss a potential sustainability project and gain further clarity in regards to Eco-Warriors sustainability program.


Mariela was so kind to supply us all the succulents we gifted for Mother’s Day from her garden. We can’t wait to see what our partnership will flourish into.


Mezmo Incursion 

@ 10am – Tuesday 6th June

Mezmo is a traditional travelling clown of Europe, with his Italian heritage and evident comedic style he is able to keep the attention of his young audience through music and magic. His empty hat is full of things and his empty hat box is full of hats. Things will float in the air, appear and then disappear. Juggling balls, scarves and hats Mezmo does it all for laughs.


The show will start at 10am and will cost $10 per child, all payments will be added directly to your Xplor account on the day with permission slips to follow closer to the date. If your child does not attend on Tuesday but would like them to participate in the show, you are more than welcome to, please note that parents will need to stay for supervision purposes.


We're Going Off The Grid

14th & 30th June

The team at HDK often follow many early childhood social media pages to ensure they keep up to date within the industry and a term that has often been brought up is “off the grid”.


I’m sure no matter what time you have walked in during morning drop off you have seen all educators with either an iPad or laptop in hand ready to capture as many moments as they can so that they can then upload them to our program Xplor so that you can stay up to date with what your children are doing whilst in our care.


As you know technology has taken over a huge chunk of our lives, it’s how we communicate and complete our work and when we get some spare time it's what we use to wind down. Being that technology is such a big part of our lives it is only expected that our children are introduced to it at such a young age. Here at HDK and in many childcare centre’s technology is how we communicate with you regarding your children, which means technology is eating up a big part of the educator's time instead of spending it one on one with your children.


Many centres are now going off the grid once or twice a month so that they can maximise their time with your children, forming relationships and just playing.


It’s a spontaneous day where the decisions are left up to the children and what they feel like doing for the whole day whether it be painting with their feet, cooking, building castles and forts using furniture, the ideas are endless and completely up to the children.


When “off the grid” takes place educators are to put away all technology iPads and laptops and no photos will be taken, no updates will be uploaded to Xplor except for mealtimes, sleep, and nappy change.


“Off-the-grid” days will change every month so that every child gets to experience such a fun day and if you would like to know what we got up to feel free to speak to an educator or simply just ask your children.


“Off the grid” will take place on Wednesday 14th & Friday 30th June.


We would love to hear your feedback on what you think about being “off the grid” twice a month - please email

Girl on Towel

National Sunnies Day
Tuesday 27th of June 

Brought to life by the Vision Council the leading trade association for the optical industry.


National Sunglasses Day is a commemorative date held annually on June 27th celebrating the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays.


Happy Days children are invited to come to the kindy in their favourite sunnies and wear them with pride!

Image by Tim Mossholder

Centre Closed

Monday 12th of June

Happy Days Kindergarten will be closed on the above date being the King's Birthday which is a public holiday.


Parent-Teacher Interviews
Thursday 15th of June

Join us for our annual mid-year parent teacher interviews on Thursday 15th June.


It is highly encouraged if your child is graduating this year to chat to their focus teacher to see what goals we can create to better prepare them for big school. If your child is not a graduate but you would still like to have a chat to see how they are progressing and settling into the environment or just get a chance for general chit chat, you are more than welcome.


If you are unable to make it on the night but would still like to chat, please let us know and we can organise a phone interview when it is best suitable for you. Time slots have already been released so please check your emails and contact Miss Stefanie to secure a time.


World Music Day
Wednesday 21st of June

World Music Day originated in France in 1982. World Music Day was originally an idea thought of by American musician Joel Cohen in the 1970’s.


He worked for a French radio station and wanted live music to be played on the evening of the 21st of June to welcome the first day of summer.


Now on the 21st of June the Fete de la Musique is urged to play music and celebrate in the neighbourhoods or in public spaces and parks.


Here at Happy Days the day will be a FUN day of music, listening to different genres of music, playing musical instruments and dancing to our favourite beats.

Important Reminders

Control of Infectious Illnesses

Please HELP us contain infectious illnesses by keeping your child at home when they are sick. If your child is absent from school due to an illness, please make sure to bring in a clearance form from the doctors on their next booked day.


If your child has been sent home from school on their booked day, in correspondence to our SICK CHILDREN'S Policy, your child must stay home for 24 hours before bringing them back, to reduce the spread of illnesses.


Staff have the right to turn down your child’s attendance if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or have had Panadol or Nurofen prior to attending the centre. Please do not “Dose and Dump”.



A BIG reminder to please label your children’s belongings. If a "loss" item isn’t collected within 2 weeks, they will go towards our MS fundraising bin. 

Happy Days is not responsible for any lost item.

Safe sleep

Safe sleep practices you can implement in your home

  1. Always place baby on back for sleep, not on their tummy or side

  2. Keep your baby’s head and face uncovered. Covering baby’s face or head with clothing such as a hat increases the risk of sudden infant death.

  3. Keep your baby smoke-free before and after birth.

  4. Have a safe sleeping environment night and day. Make sure the mattress is firm, clean and flat, in a safe cot that meets industry standards. Make sure there are no blankets, soft bedding, toys, pillows or bumpers in the cot.

  5. Sleep your baby in your room for the first 6 months

  6. Breastfeed your baby if possible.


If your child is going to be absent from the centre, please call our centre landline on (02) 9825 8822 or our centre mobile on 0426 972 893 to inform the staff. Notifying us of your child’s absence allows us to open that spot to a family that might need it as a casual day.


It is a government requirement for every parent or carer to sign your child in & out of Happy Days for your correct attendance.

Your Centrelink entitlements will be affected for non-compliance. 

Covid 19 Guidance for Early Childhood

NSW Health recommends that all children and staff get a COVID-19 test if they have even mild symptoms. Those who test positive must isolate and should not attend the service for 7 days. They can leave isolation after 7 days only if they haven't had any symptom of sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath for the last 24 hours. They do not need to test before returning to the service.

For more information, please refer to the NSW Government's Information for families: COVID-19 and early childhood education.

What to Pack

This is just a friendly reminder on what to pack for your child when attending Happy Days.


In your child's bag they must have the following (ALL LABELLED with your child's name):

  • Spare clothes suited for the season and weather, including short sleeve/long sleeve t-shirt, shorts and pants, underwear, socks, jumpers or jackets. 

  • Bedding including a fitted sheet and blanket

  • A water bottle

  • Nappies or pull ups if required

Policy Reviews

Every month we review a set of policies to ensure that they are relevant and up to date according to regulations. You are invited to provide feedback on our policy of the month below (send your feedback to

'Clothing Policy"


The below policies are in the process of being reviewed and updated for 2023. Members of our parent committee and families are encouraged to access our policies (they are in a binder in our foyer), review them and provide feedback.

  • Bush Fire Policy

  • Clothing Policy

  • Hand Washing Policy

  • Medical Conditions Policy

  • Work Health and Safety Policy

  • Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol-Free Policy

  • Pregnancy in Early Childhood Policy

  • Transition to School Policy

What we've been Up To

Happy Days Kindergarten turned 10!
Thank you for your support!

Cinco de Mayo

During this celebration, the Littler Learners and Big Explorers made beautiful artworks of Mexican instruments and Mexican hats, and played dress up in traditional  Mexican clothing. The Big Explores sat on the group time mat in a circle, and took turns dancing in the middle to Mexican music. Chef Shaloo made us tortilla chips for morning tea and chicken taco wraps for lunch. The children really enjoyed and loved their morning and afternoon tea. Everyone had such a great time throughout the day, as they learnt about the Mexican culture.


Royal Life Saving NSW Water Safety Incursion

We had a very special visitor from royal lifesaving NSW. We welcomed Miss Kaitlin who sat with the Big Explorers and Little Learners to teach them about water safety.


Miss Kaitlin started by reading a book called ‘At the pond and on the sand, please hold an adult’s hands". The children absolutely loved this story, they all learned that you should never swim without adult’s supervision, and they should always close the pool gate and always hold an adult’s hands. After our lovely story, Miss Kaitlin showed the children some pictures of the ducks at the beach, where the children learnt about beach safety, lifeguards, and swimming between the red flags.


At the end of our safety incursion all the children received a certificate and a little rubber duck to take home.


Mother’s Day

What a beautiful day! We welcomed our mothers and grandmother for a yummy morning tea. Miss Shaloo prepared some delicious scones, cream and jam along with other yummy treats like lamingtons, macaroons, cakes, fresh fruit and coffee, tea and juice. We set up some colouring and card making as well as a nail polish station where the children could paint their mum and grandma’s nails.

Our beautiful mums received special gifts from the children.