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Taking Enrolments
Now for 2024!

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Welcome to May 

Dear Parents/Families,

With the cooler months fast approaching, flu and sicknesses are on the rise! We kindly ask to prevent the spread of illnesses to other children and educators that you keep your children home if they are unwell. This includes chesty coughs and green runny noses. All staff have a right to refuse your child’s attendance if they are unwell or displaying any evident flu-like symptoms.


Happy Days encourages a medical clearance from a trained practitioner if you are looking to bring your child back to school with evident symptoms. Please note if your child has been sent home due to feeling unwell, our policy requires that the child stay home for the next 24 hours.


We would also like to remind parents to please use their FOB key when entering the centre and refrain from using the doorbell, quite often educators are busy attending to your children and do not have the time to keep letting parents in, so please expect wait times at the door if this is so. If you have misplaced your FOB key or need to grab another one, we will happily replace it please just let an educator know.


What's On?

Image by DDP

Happy Days Emergency Drills

We will be holding the following emergency drills at the kindy:

  • 8th May – Fire Evacuation

We have prepared the children for these drills, however, please continue the discussions at home so they can be better prepared.

Family Picnic

International Day of Families
Friday 17th of May

At HDK we pride ourselves and the relationship we have with our families and for International Day of Families we would like to invite you for a picnic lunch.


Our picnic lunch will take place from 11:15am to 12:30pm, we ask that you bring along a picnic rug and some snacks if you prefer.


Please note we kindly ask that no snacks contain nuts and are only given to your child and not their friends. Miss Shaloo will provide a picnic style lunch with multiple options for yourself and your children to choose from. We kindly ask that you RSVP for this event for catering purposes.


World Bee Day
Monday 20th of May

World Bee Day celebrates our hardworking little pollinators, bees are important to our livelihood as they help to pollinate most of the crops we eat and feed to farm animals. Did you know there are over 20,000 species of bee that exist globally, and Australia is home to around 2000 species of native bees.


Last year we were lucky enough to have a beekeeper visit HDK and show us how honey is made, we have contacted this same beekeeper in the hopes he can visit us again. For world bee day we would love to try some honey and make a special dessert out of honey YUMMY!

Ophtalmology Glasses

STEPS Vision Eyesight Test (Graduates ONLY)
Thursday 30th of May

The Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening program is an initiative of NSW Health and offers four and five-year-old children eligible for school in 2025 a free vision assessment. It is highly recommended to participate in the vision screening program as many vision problems remain undetected unless a child’s vision is screened by a trained vision screener.

Why would my child need their vision screened?

  • Children rarely complain of eye problems

  • Children may not realise they can’t see well

  • Some children can see well with one eye but have very poor vision in the other

  • Children’s eyes may look ok and parents/carers might think everything is fine but some children might still have a vision problem

  • The only way to tell if a child has a vision problem is to have the child’s vision tested one eye at a time


This will be run throughout the morning, if your child does not attend on the Thursday we ask if you can bring them in the morning. The test takes no longer than 15 minutes and all families that are waiting will be first in line. Permission slips/consent forms to be handed out soon.


Cinco de Mayo
Monday 6th of May

Cinco de Mayo translates to the 5th of May when in 1862, 6000 French troops stormed the Mexican city to bring it under French ruling. The Mexican soldiers were outnumbered but they fiercely fought back and by early evening the French retreated.


In the US this special day is not only in honour of the battle but a recognition of the Mexican culture. So dress up in your Mexican attire as we celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” at HDK with Mexican inspired meals and some Mexican games.

Vegetable Picking

Community Engagement

Check out what is happening in our community for the month of May!​

  • Comic Book Day – Saturday 4th May from 10am to 3pm at HJ Daley Library.

  • Camden Art Prize – Saturday 11th to 17th May from 9am to 4pm at Camden Civic Centre

  • Paws in the Park – Sunday 5th May from 10am to 2pm at Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park


Starlight Fundraiser
Friday 24th of May

At Starlight we know that happiness matters to sick kids facing the pain, fear and stress of serious illness. That’s why we work in partnership with health professional to bring the fun, joy and laughter that is essential to sick kids, health, and wellbeing. Don’t forget to dress up as a superhero and bring in your gold coin donation.

You can also follow the link below to purchase charity lottery tickets, all tickets purchased is donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation


Billy G’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Start date: NOW 
Final orders due: Friday 28th of June

With the cooler weather settling in and winter approaching, now is the best time for freshly baked warm cookies with a hot chocolate, coffee or cuppa!


Happy Days is excited to announce we are holding a Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough drive as a fundraiser this year. Please note Billy G’s is a completely cashless fundraiser, all orders must be placed online and paid by credit or debit card or PayPal. So make sure you create your online fundraising page at today. 


Start Date: NOW

Final Orders Due: Friday 28th June

Estimated Delivery Date: Monday 15th July


How do we create a Fundraising Page? 

  1. Visit and click the “Cookie Dough Login” button on the home page. Then click the register button to fundraise on the cybersafe, Billy G’s Cookie Dough platform. 

  2. Complete the registration details, choose your goals and create a unique avatar!

  3. Place your order using the “Order Now” button and share your fundraising page with your family and friends via the “Share” section so they can start buying some yummy cookie dough. Easy!


How do prizes work? 

Every family member who sells 2 tubs will receive an incentive prize for their efforts! But why not aim higher? The more tubs you sell the more prizes you will receive. There are 11 prizes available, so set your own fundraising goal and aim for them all. Prizes are automatically ordered at the end of our fundraiser based on the number of tubs you have sold. You can also gain the chance to get your very own Billy G’s scented Gel Pens by obtaining all your online virtual badges. 


You can Win Big! 

Our highest tub seller will go into a draw to win the $10,000 Budget Bonanza ($2,500 Coles Gift Card, $2,500 Woolworths Fuel Car, $2,500 Harvey Norman Gift Card, and $2,500 Visa Gift Card) OR a PlayStation 5 Gaming bundle. Plus, every family that achieves all online virtual badges will win your very own Billy G’s Scented Gel Pens. 


So share your page around, get your family members, friends and neighbours to purchase cookie dough through your page and happy eating once they arrive!

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day
Friday 10th of May

Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Our mum’s hold a special place in our heart for various reasons, each and every mum is unique in their own special way and should be praised for what they do.


Celebrate Mother’s Day at HDK with a High Tea experience! During this intimate experience with your child, you can indulge in some sweet treats which will be displayed as a buffet, decorate some cookie/cupcakes with your little ones, enjoy a pamper session and create a personalised Mother’s Day card made by the both of you.


If you have replied to our Mother’s Day Gift Stall and assigned a budget for your child to purchase a gift, this will also be a great opportunity for your child to gift it to you. Our high tea experience will be from 9-11am however depending on attendances we might also give out time frame windows.


Please note that grandmas can come as a replacement or an extra guest as we appreciate them also!! Please RSVP your attendances to Miss Stefanie via email as soon as possible to secure your spot. Please note it is crucial to RSVP as tables and food will only be catered for parents that have RSVP’d only.


We're Going Off The Grid 
Monday 13th and Thursday 23rd May

The team at HDK often follow many early childhood social media pages to ensure they keep up to date within the industry and a term that has often been brought up is “off the grid”. I’m sure no matter what time you have walked in during morning drop off you have seen all educators with either an iPad or laptop in hand ready to capture as many moments as they can so that they can then upload them to our program Xplor so that you can stay up to date with what your children are doing whilst in our care. As you know technology has taken over a huge chunk of our lives, it’s how we communicate and complete our work and when we get some spare time it's what we use to wind down. Being that technology is such a big part of our lives it is only expected that our children are introduced to it at such a young age. Here at HDK and in many childcare centre’s technology is how we communicate with you regarding your children, which means technology is eating up a big part of the educator's time instead of spending it one on one with your children. Many centres are now going off the grid once or twice a month so that they can maximise their time with your children, forming relationships and just playing. It’s a spontaneous day where the decisions are left up to the children and what they feel like doing for the whole day whether it be painting with their feet, cooking, building castles and forts using furniture, the ideas are endless and completely up to the children. When “off the grid” takes place educators are to put away all technology iPads and laptops and no photos will be taken, no updates will be uploaded to Xplor except for mealtimes, sleep, and nappy change. “Off-the-grid” days will change every month so that every child gets to experience such a fun day and if you would like to know what we got up to feel free to speak to an educator or simply just ask your children. “Off the grid” will take place on Monday 13th and Thursday 23rd May. We would love to hear your feedback on what you think about being “off the grid” twice a month.


National Reconciliation Week
27th to 31st of May

The National Reconciliation Week theme for 2024 is “Now More Than Ever” it is a reminder to all of us that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will and must continue. Follow us as we learn about the history, culture and achievements, try some Aboriginal inspired meals, participate in some games and dreamtime stories.

Important Reminders

Control of Infectious Illnesses

Please HELP us contain infectious illnesses by keeping your child at home when they are sick. If your child is absent from school due to an illness, please make sure to bring in a clearance form from the doctors on their next booked day.


If your child has been sent home from school on their booked day, in correspondence to our SICK CHILDREN'S Policy, your child must stay home for 24 hours before bringing them back, to reduce the spread of illnesses.


Staff have the right to turn down your child’s attendance if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or have had Panadol or Nurofen prior to attending the centre. Please do not “Dose and Dump”.


What to Pack

This is just a friendly reminder on what to pack for your child when attending Happy Days.


In your child's bag they must have the following (ALL LABELLED with your child's name):

  • Spare clothes suited for the season and weather, including short sleeve/long sleeve t-shirt, shorts and pants, underwear, socks, jumpers or jackets. 

  • Bedding including a fitted sheet and blanket

  • A water bottle

  • Nappies or pull ups if required

Safe sleep

Safe sleep practices you can implement in your home

  1. Always place baby on back for sleep, not on their tummy or side

  2. Keep your baby’s head and face uncovered. Covering baby’s face or head with clothing such as a hat increases the risk of sudden infant death.

  3. Keep your baby smoke-free before and after birth.

  4. Have a safe sleeping environment night and day. Make sure the mattress is firm, clean and flat, in a safe cot that meets industry standards. Make sure there are no blankets, soft bedding, toys, pillows or bumpers in the cot.

  5. Sleep your baby in your room for the first 6 months

  6. Breastfeed your baby if possible.


It is a government requirement for every parent or carer to sign your child in & out of Happy Days for your correct attendance.

Your Centrelink entitlements will be affected for non-compliance. 


A BIG reminder to please label your children’s belongings. If a "loss" item isn’t collected within 2 weeks, they will go towards our MS fundraising bin. 

Happy Days is not responsible for any lost item.

Policy Reviews

Every month we review a set of policies to ensure that they are relevant and up to date according to regulations. You are invited to provide feedback on our policy of the month below (send your feedback to

"Behaviour Guidance Policy"


The below policies are in the process of being reviewed and updated for 2024. Members of our parent committee and extended families are encouraged to access and review our policies and provide feedback.

  • Administration of First Aid

  • Child Safety and Wellbeing

  • Excursions/Incursions

  • Nutrition and Food Safety

  • Performance Management

  • Behaviour Guidance

  • Interaction with Children, Family and Staff

  • Makeup Day

  • Payment of Fees

  • Professional Development


If your child is going to be absent from the centre, please call our centre landline on (02) 9825 8822 or our centre mobile on 0426 972 893 to inform the staff. Notifying us of your child’s absence allows us to open that spot to a family that might need it as a casual day.

FOB keys

We would also like to remind parents to please use their FOB key when entering the centre and refrain from using the doorbell, quite often educators are busy attending to your children and do not have the time to keep letting parents in, so please expect wait times at the door if this is so. If you have misplaced your FOB key or need to grab another one, we will happily replace it please just let an educator know.

Risk Assessments

Please check out the below list of risk assessments that have been updated for 2024. All risk assessments are required to be reviewed every 3 months.

  • Hatching Chicks Experience

  • Finger Painting

  • Blinds and Curtains

  • Draws and Cupboard Doors

What we've been Up To

Purple Flower
Purple for Epilepsy

The Big Explorers and Little Learners celebrated Epilepsy Day by engaging in a range of experiences. They crafted handprints using vibrant shades of purple, symbolising solidarity with epilepsy awareness. Dressed in their favourite purple attire to show their support for the cause. Alongside their creative endeavours, the children indulged in delicious purple themed cupcakes, adding a touch of sweetness to the occasion. They demonstrated their compassion by contributing gold coins towards epilepsy research.


World Autism Awareness Day

During the month of April, Australia along with some other countries, come together to raise awareness in the community about autism. It had started off as a way to raise awareness but is now shifting towards acceptance and inclusion. Here at our centre, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and respectful of everyone. On the 10th of April, the educators of both rooms planned some fun activities. In our Little Learners Room, the children did a puzzle craft. Miss Ashley had prepared some puzzles cut outs and gave our Little Learners a glue stick and some paper to stick them together. In our Big Explorers Room, the educators planned for children to do some colouring sheets on the topic as well as read the children a book all about what autism is and how we can be kind and inclusive of everyone.


Eid al-Fitr

The Big Explorers and Little Learners came together to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with a blend of culinary delights and creative expression. The chef prepared a tantalizing special dish, filling the air with savoury aromas that heightened the festive atmosphere. Meanwhile, the children immersed themselves in crafting intricate masterpieces and personalized bookmarks, showcasing their boundless imagination. Amidst the festivities, they gathered to watch an engaging video, eager to learn about the significance of Eid al-Fitr and its cultural importance. Their curiosity and enthusiasm for understanding different cultures and religions shone brightly, as they embraced the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and appreciation for diversity. It was a celebration marked by unity, creativity, and a shared passion for learning about the world around them.

Poppy Wall


This year we once again commemorated Anzac Day with our peers. Anzac Day is a special day for all of us in Australia as it allows us to pay our respects to those who have fought for our country through the many wars over the years. The children wore very bright red tops to school today to highlight the significant red colour we see so often on Anzac Day! The children started off their morning by reading a story book all about Australia! Then then sat down with their teachers and engaged in some craft. In the Big Explorers room, they used their fine motor skills to glue down red poppies onto the paper. In the Little Learners room, they created their own version of poppies using paper plates and red paint! The children in the Big Explorers room sat down with Miss Josephine and practised the sign language for Anzac and they were able to copy her actions and paint a picture as a part of her PALS program. Miss Halima also created a wreath using natural resources and children’s handprints. At afternoon tea, the children also got to enjoy some delicious Anzac cookies cooked fresh by our chef!