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Welcome to September!

Daisy and Rose have settled back into the swing of things since their trip away.

Our small changes to our routine have been going well and the children have been adapting well to these changes.

Wild Flowers

What's on in August? 

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1-7 Sept

We will be making some healthy foods together during our group times. The children will be involved in this, and it will give us a change to talk about what foods are and aren’t healthy, why we need healthy foods and the importance of a balanced diet.

Image by Arnaud Mesureur

2 August

We will be talking to children more about how we can look after our environment, why we need to look after our environment and what happens if we don’t. Children will be involved in group discussions, reading books about our environment and how we can all help to take care of it and playing some environmental games.

Elephant Festival in India

14 September

We will be celebrating Hindi day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of the Hindi language, the official India language.  Hindi stands in the 4th position after English, Spanish and Mandarin. This is a great way to explain to the children that not everyone speaks English. We will be looking at some world maps, finding out where India is, what their country flag looks like and seeing where the children take this new discovery.

Birthday Cake

September Birthdays

No Birthdays This Month 

Wishing you love, happiness and sunshine to always be your companions throughout your journey in life.

World Peace

21 September

National Day of Peace is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. We will be creating some group crafts together that we believe represent peace. We will be discussing and explaining what National Day of Peace is and how we can be involved. We ask for everyone to wear blue to help us celebrate this event




Photos have been cancelled for August and they will now be Monday the 23rd of October.

Important Reminders

Lost Property

Please check lost property! We have a large amount of lost property that has been sitting there without an owner. Anything that hasn’t been collected next month will be donated.

Happy Chats

A reminder that ‘happy chat’ will be held on 4th,6th,7th and 8th of September. This is a great chance to talk to us about your child’s development. To make an appointment please write your child’s name in a time slot on the clip board next to the sign in iPad at the front door. Please talk to staff if you’re unable to attend but would like to make other arrangements to discuss your child’s developments with staff.



If your child is going to be absent from the centre, please call our centre landline on (02) 4588 8497 to inform the staff.


Notifying us of your child’s absence allows us to open that spot to a family that might need it as a casual day.

Lunchbox Food

Please be aware we will do our best to educate your children on healthy eating. However, under the United Nationals Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the rights to choose what they do and don’t eat from their lunch boxes so please be mindful of what is going into your child’s lunchboxes. 

Also, please DO NOT PACK ANY FOOD CONTAINING NUTS including NUTELLA, popcorn (as this is an inhalant), chips, LSM bars, lollies, instant noodles and any other unhealthy items in your child’s lunchbox.


We respect your decision to give these foods to your child, however, at Happy Days we have a Nutritional Food Policy that needs to be followed.

Here are some handy links to healthy eating for young children:

Policy Reviews

Every month we review a set of policies to ensure that they are relevant and up to date according to regulations.


You are invited to provide feedback on our policies of the month below:


Send your feedback to


Can we please ask for anyone who does have any of kindy’s spare clothing to please return it to us washed ASAP. if anyone has any children’s clothing that no longer fits their child and is looking to get rid of it, we will happily take it off your hands to use in our spare clothing.

Please remember to pack appropriate clothing for your child. Please ensure children are wearing t-shirts that cover their shoulders, so they are protected from the sun while were outside. Please ensure you are packing spare clothing for your child, even if they are toilet trained. There may be times throughout our day where your child may spill water, food or get dirty outside and we need to have clothing to change your child if it is the case so they are comfortable while at kindy.

Driveway Etiquette

A friendly reminder that we share our driveway with our neighbours, which means we can use the left side of the driveway only.


So please be respectful of our neighbours and only park on the left hand side of the driveway.

Also, please note that:

  • only one car can park in the driveway at any one time

  • driveway parking is limited to 5 minutes only

Sign in and out!

A reminder to sign your child please please please in and out during pick up and drop offs. If you have not organised your account, or pin please email Daisy so she can send you a new link. It is very important that we know exactly who is here at kindy in case of an emergency, so it is very important that everyone is signing their child in and out every day.

It is a government requirement for every parent or carer to sign your child in & out of Happy Days for your correct attendance. Your Centrelink entitlements will be affected for non-compliance.

All families should be able to sign-in/out their child using the Xplor app. Please let us know if not, and we will send you the setup link again. If you’re having further issues, please contact Xplor on (03) 8652 1963.

What we got up to last month...

Magic Hat, Wand and Cards

Magic Craig

Magic Craig- a show about kindness was a hit! Thank you to all the children who attended and parents who brought their child in to watch even though it wasn’t their assigned day. It was so lovely to watch all the smiles on the children’s faces and hear the laughing and to see such great involvement from the children. Seeing the children excited to be involved and joining in and being able to answer magic craig’s questions related to kindness shows that we have a really great and kind group of children here at happy days.


Thank you to all the 4-year old’s and the parents who brought their child in for the steps eye test. Everyone should have received results for their child’s eye test, please see staff if you have not received them yet.

STePs Vision eye screening

Tree Lined Park

World Elephant Day

 What a great opportunity to celebrate the life of animals and bring awareness about their treatment.

In celebrating Elephant Day, we discussed the ill treatment of elephants in some countries and how people are gathering to protect their lives, ensuring that they are treated with care and fairly. The children shared their opinions about the subject matter and brought up some ideas on how they (the elephants) and other animals should be treated.

To lighten up learning experience we did ‘Pin the Tail on the Elephant’ and balanced on a string while singing and acting to the song: Three Gray Elephants.

It was a worthwhile celebration.

Balloons Floating in the Air

Book Week

We have loved seeing everyone all dressed up and in the spirit for book week! It has been a great conversation starter on what are favorite books are and why we like them. Seeing everyone’s favorite books has introduced new books to us that we have enjoyed sharing and reading together. We have also been creating Kindy’s favorite books up at the craft tables. Using the book cover as inspiration for our craft.

Classroom News

Age-based Intentional Learning Groups

Big Emus (Preschoolers)

Learning Group for 3-6 years olds/School Readiness Program 

Over the month of August, the school readiness children have been exploring some new and exciting topics such as the human body and our environment. The children were particularly excited about the human body as this topic aligns with quite a few of the children’s interests. These topics saw the children engaging in activities such as building their very own human body model from recycled materials in which the children used their cutting, glueing, identification and placement skills to find, cut out, and glue the model's organs into the correct places. The children as they progressed through the topic began to understand the names, positions and purposes of these organs and were particularly interested in the concept that the large intestine have Villis which absorb the nutrients from our food which are then transported around our bodies to help us grow and play. The children also focused on our environment and how we can better take care of it. This saw the children engaging in shared readings of books which demonstrate environmental care practices such as picking up litter and disposing of waste and recycling appropriately. This learning was also fortified with cut and paste worksheets as well as a sensory experience which saw the children “picking up litter from the beach” and sorting it into their correct disposal category. The children have thoroughly enjoyed August topics and we look forward to seeing the learning which occurs in our September topic of the 5 senses!