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Hello There Families

Thank you for visiting our site. At Happy Days Kindergarten, rest assured that your child will be cared for in a safe, positive, fun and highly educational environment.


We have a solid reputation for providing high quality long-day child care service, including a renowned School Readiness Program for Preschoolers.

We have dedicated and passionate staff who genuinely care for the safety and wellbeing of the children, as well as being highly trained & experienced in the industry. Our Educator-To-Children ratios are generally above regulatory requirements which facilitate higher quality learning and supervision for Happy Days children. We strive to maintain our operations over and above the Australian standards for childcare set by the Department of Education.


Our teaching approach strongly focuses in providing the children with as much learning opportunities as possible within a positive and stimulating environment. Our programs and activities are designed to encourage the children's natural curiosity of the world around them which we believe cultivates habitual learning


Our education program is based on the principle of balanced growth in all aspects of a child’s development, i.e. physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. We are also guided by the Australian National Early Years and Learning Framework.

COME AND VISIT US! We look forward to welcoming your family to Happy Days and partnering closely with you in providing your child with the best possible care and a strong start to their journey of lifelong learning.

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Happy Days In a Nutshell...

Children Studying Alphabet

Ages Cared For and
Opening Times

We provide Long-Day Care for Ages:


Blacktown: 2 to 6 years old

Kurrajong: 2 to 6 years old

West Hoxton: 6 weeks to 6yo.


Our Opening Times are:

Blacktown: 7am to 6pm

Kurrajong: 7:30am to 5:30pm

West Hoxton: 7am to 6pm


Social Skills

Our Playing And Learning to Socialise (PALS) program helps the children develop a sense of care, respect and compassion for others; awareness between acceptable and non-acceptable social behaviours (and learning strategies in handling the latter); and a healthy self-image and confidence. Our activities are designed to give the children plenty of opportunities to learn and practice how to SHARE, LISTEN, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, EMPHATISE, be PATIENT, be RESPECTFUL of boundaries, be POSITIVE, COLLABORATE and COOPERATE, and much more.



We recognise each child has different learning styles, preferences and needs. Our teaching approach allows for these differences. We teach the children self awareness and appreciation of their uniqueness.


We aim for Happy Days children to go out in the world full of self-respect, love and confidence in their ability to learn, seize opportunities and see the world with positivity.



Our Eco-Warriors Program encourages EARTH SAVING HABITS that are strongly embedded in the children's daily routine, learning and play.



Our positive and supportive environment safely facilitates SELF-AWARENESSINDEPENDENCE and SELF-CONTROL.


Preschool Program

Our EXTENSIVE SCHOOL READINESS PROGRAM develops skills required for transitioning smoothly to Primary School, including awareness & practice of acceptable social skills, development of fine, gross motor & cognitive skills, name recognition, writing, reading & comprehension, numeracy skills,

self-sufficiency and following instructions, routines & other acceptable classroom behaviours.



Health & Fitness

Our Munch & Move Program promotes ACTIVE PLAY, EXERCISE and HEALTHY EATING. Our physical activities are guided by the NSW Health Fundamental Movement skills such as crawling, running, jumping, climbing, yoga, dance, team sports and skills, etc.


Age Based Learning

At certain times of each day, the children are placed into SMALL CLASSES for developmental age-appropriate learnings.



As Albert Einstein quotes, "Imagination is more important than knowledge”. We conduct activities that stimulate CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION in children. Such activities foster CRITICAL THINKING and CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING which enable your child to think outside the box and develop their  ability to overcome obstacles with confidence on their own.


Community Awareness

We conduct regular CULTURAL and COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS and CHARITY EVENTS to expand the children's community awareness and care.

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