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  ...where children are happy to learn  

Hi Family,

Thank you for visiting our sire. At Happy Days Kindergarten you will be rest assured that your child will be cared for in a safe, happy and highly educational environment. We have a solid reputation for providing high quality long-day child care service to families, including a renowned School Readiness Program for Preschoolers.

We have dedicated staff who genuinely care for the safety and general wellbeing of the children, with a strong focus on providing them with as much learning opportunities as possible within a positive, stimulating and happy environment.

Our aim is to encourage the children's natural curiosity of the world around them and cultivate a lasting love for learning. 

Come and visit us! We look forward to welcoming your family to Happy Days and partnering closely with you in providing your child with the best possible care and a strong start to their journey of lifelong learning.

About Us

Long Day Care

7am to 6pm
Child Care  Subsidy
Caring for Ages

Blacktown Centre: 2 yo to 5 yo
West Hoxton Centre : 6 wks to 5 yo
Extensive Preschool Program

Working in close partnership with local Primary Schools

Our Approach


Our education program is based on the principle of balanced growth in all aspects of a child’s development, i.e. physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially, and guided by the Australian National Early Years and Learning Framework.


Genuine Care

Happy Days Educators are genuinely caring, dedicated, qualified, passionate, highly trained & experienced.


Our educator-to-children ratio is generally above regulatory requirement which provides high quality learning and supervision for Happy Days children.


Social Skills

Our Playing And Learning to Socialise (PALS) program develop a sense of care, respect, compassion for others, a healthy self-image and acceptable social behaviours in children.



Our education program is geared towards the development of GROUP skills as well as tailored for each child's INDIVIDUAL learning needs.


Health & Fitness

Our Munch & Move Program promotes ACTIVE PLAY, EXERCISE and HEALTHY EATING.



Our positive and accepting environment safely develops INDEPENDENCE and SELF-CONTROL.


Preschool Program

Our Extensive School Readiness Program develops skills required for transitioning smoothly to PRIMARY SCHOOL including awareness & practice of acceptable social skills, development of fine, gross motor & cognitive skills, name recognition, writing, reading & comprehension, numeracy skills,

self-sufficiency and following instructions, routines & other classroom behaviours.




As Albert Einstein quotes, "Imagination is more important than knowledge”.  We conduct various activities that stimulate CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION in children. Such activities foster CRITICAL THINKING and CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING which enable your child to think outside the box and develop their  ability to overcome obstacles with confidence on their own.


Community Awareness

We conduct regular CULTURAL and COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS and CHARITY EVENTS to expand the children's community awareness and care.



Our Eco-Warriors Program encourages EARTH SAVING HABITS that are strongly embedded in the children's daily routine.


Natural Learning

Our teaching approach encourages children's NATURAL CURIOSITY of the world around them and cultivates a lasting LOVE FOR LEARNING.